Are you interested in finding a local company that can provide you with professional asset disposition? There are many things to consider in disposing of your unwanted equipment. Equipment should be disposed of in the most eco-friendly and responsible manner possible, all the while, keeping in mind the most cost-effective solution for your company.

If your company is dealing with the storage of idle assets you may be wondering how you can get rid of them. Excess Logic is able to provide you with comprehensive IT asset disposition (ITAD) service that includes data removal, storage, and asset remarking to fully meet your needs. They’ve been in the business of helping companies just like yours for a long time, and offer vast experience in the industry.

Excess Logic knows you don’t want to take the loss on your equipment that will come if you sell it for scrap- and who can blame you? There’s value in idle equipment over and above scrap value. Their experts can maximize the return on your surplus assets by remarketing all of your assets through various online marketplaces that reach out globally. You’ll benefit from the connections Excess Logic has with these marketplaces because your return will be greater than selling for scrap.

If you have recently decided to close one of your facilities and have only a limited amount of time to clear out your assets and recover as much as possible from them, don’t worry. Excess Logic is able to effectively store your assets while they work vigorously to remarket all of your surplus equipment within a given timeframe, while recovering as much value as possible, by selling your excess assets through various online marketplace outlets that are specific to surplus commercial assets.

In addition to asset disposition, Excess Logic will provide value-added expert packing and shipping services that will make up for your lack of on-site staff.

Data protection is one of the biggest concerns for companies that are considering asset disposition- and rightly so! Discarded equipment that falls into the wrong hands can be mined for personal, intellectual, or financial information and prove to be disastrous to the previous owner or company. That’s why finding a trusted company that can provide professional asset disposition services is crucial to your company. Don’t take the chance of a data breach; call Excess Logic at 650-307-7553 for professional and affordable asset disposition.

Be certain that your data is removed from any IT asset that you are retiring. The experts from Excess Logic can help in this regard. This includes printers, copiers, fax machines, and any other equipment that holds data in memory. Outsource all of your asset disposition to Excess Logic for the most secure, affordable and professional results.

By providing efficient and careful IT asset disposition to its clients, Excess Logic allows their customers to focus on core business issues. For more information on services that will impact your bottom line, visit, or call an expert at 650-307-7553. You’ll be glad you contacted the company locals rely on for superior results.

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