Server Room Cleaning Service

The data center has particulate static charge and heat sources that can culminate into a disruptive catastrophe that leads to severe business loss. There are bodies and authorities in place to guide what kind of environment should be maintained for data centers. Our job here is to make sure our cleaning methods and products fall within these rules so that you have consistent uptime to help with your data center operations.

Most product manufacturers have standards and products to help remove particulate products on a microscopic level. The data center should not risk using any other product but should work with professionals who can confirm they use these standardized products and cleaning chemicals.

Understand that electrical equipment transfer static charge, and the only way to avoid adverse effects is to work with cleaners who know the limits of their cleaning methods. There is a manifold of services available via the server room cleaning service, and today we will highlight the most important one, so you know what to expect in server room cleaning.

Services To Ask About When Hiring A Data Center Cleaning Room

Cleaning A Data Center’s Computer Room

Maintaining a clean environment in the computer room is the first essential thing to offer a stable and healthy space for your IT infrastructure. We are technicians who know how to perform the essential cleaning services – removing dust from all floor levels, cleaning the exterior hardware, blowing out dust from specific internal areas in a server, and making sure the air is less static by removing dust from the plenum. The following are the main areas covered by the server room cleaning service:

Under Room Plenum Cleaning 

The plenum floor is the lifeline of a data center because it carries so many different things like cables. Dust and dirt are prone to collect in this space because it is the lowest on all levels, and it does not receive a lot of air circulation. We recommend you schedule a regular program to clean out the subfloor because the accumulated contaminants can lead to many health hazards and functional errors.

The Hardware Exterior

The best data center cleaning contractors will have different methods for all the different hardware surfaces. You want them to take steps to set up a rigorous routine that caters to the different levels of sensitivity and ensures that each component is safe from any damage caused by static charge, zinc dust, or moisture.

The Overhead

The dust that settles on the ceiling or overhead fan is potentially worse than the one on the floor. Fanning tends to spread the dust all around the room, which poses more risk and damage to the openly exposed electrical components. We clean the plenum with a vacuum or microfiber cloth and recommend that you set up a regular cleaning program to remove the deep-seated dust in all crevices.

Let us help you establish a routine for regular and deep cleaning services when you contact us to arrange a consultation on our data center cleaning services.

Server Room Cleaning Service

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Server Room Cleaning Service

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